Painted Screws Rusted?

Do Painted Screws Rust?

In all industries, our exceptional screws stand out for their remarkable resistance to rust and corrosion. Let's explore how they endure even the harshest elements.


Dacromet Coating: Ultimate Protection

The innovative Dacromet coating, based on zinc and aluminium flakes, forms a robust barrier, shielding screws from moisture, chemicals, and corrosion, ensuring lasting performance in challenging environments.


Built to Last: Extra Anti-Corrosive Properties

Rigorous testing guarantees our screws exceed industry standards for anti-corrosion performance, making them ideal for diverse environments, including coastal regions and high-humidity areas, ensuring your projects stand the test of time.


UV Stability: Defying the Sun's Wrath

UV stability, a key feature of our screws, preserves their appearance and functionality, ensuring endurance even under intense sunlight, making them perfect for outdoor applications in sun-exposed locations.

Painted Screws Rusted?

Choose our resilient screws for enduring and reliable constructions, standing strong against time and nature's challenges. With the powerful Dacromet coating, extra anti-corrosive properties, and UV stability, our screws provide unparalleled longevity and performance for a wide range of construction projects.
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