What Colour is Anthracite Grey?

Anthracite grey is a dark grey colour, often described as being very close to black or charcoal grey.

metal front gate painted anthracite grey

anthracite grey Window Frame

It's often used to describe a colour that is very deep and rich, resembling the colour of anthracite coal, which is a dense, dark grey to black substance. Anthracite grey can vary slightly in its exact appearance depending on the lighting conditions and the specific materials or surfaces it is applied to, but it generally appears as a dark and sophisticated shade of grey, making it a popular choice for various design and fashion applications.


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Anthracite Grey Screws RAL 7016RAL Colour 7016 Anthracite Grey

Our coloured screws are designed for durability and versatility. Whether you're into DIY, crafting, or industrial projects, these screws are the perfect choice to complement your Anthracite Grey designs. With a spectrum of colours available, you have the creative freedom to make your projects uniquely yours.

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